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If you are an independent dealer or consultant for a brand like Scentsy™, Tupperware™, or Advocare™, please email BECKY JOHNSON before applying and/or paying online.

Please note there is a $100.00 late fee associated with all applications as of 09/16/2024.

Retail Sales $ (150.00) per booth
Advertising $ (150.00) per booth
Non-Profit & Churches $ (75.00) per booth
Political $ (250.00) per booth
Food $ (325.00) per booth

All booths will be provided power by default. If you want to use electricity you will need to bring a minimum of 100 ft extension cord.

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All vendors will be charged a non-refundable booth fee per 12" x 12" space for the weekend. If a larger space is needed, please indicate on the application the number of spaces needed. All sales, taxes, etc. are to be handled by the vendor. No commission is taken at this festival. No space assignment will be made until the booth fee is paid. Booth fee will be due with your application.  Booth fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
The Festival organizers assume no responsibility for items damaged or broken while assisting vendors with loading and/or unloading goods.  Upon unloading, please park your vehicle in conveniently located vendor parking and return to set-up your booth.  The Festival/Festival volunteers are not responsible for broken items.
Vehicles are allowed on festival grounds during unloading on Friday and after “all clear” is announced once the festival closes and the streets are clear of pedestrian traffic on Saturday.  Vehicles are not allowed on the grounds at any time on Saturday before "all clear" is announced by the Executive Committee.

Security will be furnished from Friday evening until Saturday morning; although, it is the responsibility of the vendor to properly close/cover their booth outside of festival hours.